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Grenada Spice Mas 2024

Get swept away by the intoxicating blend of music, dance, and cultural revelry at Spice Mas Grenada Carnival

Join Us for an Unforgettable Carnival Experience!

Trip Dates: August 8-13, 2024

Welcome to the Ultimate Carnival Adventure!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, music, and festivities of Grenada's Spice Mas 2024? Get ready for an unforgettable journey filled with Soca beats, stunning costumes, and the spirit of the Caribbean!


Why Choose Our Spice Mas 2024 Trip?

  • Expert Guides: Our experienced guides will ensure you don't miss a moment of the action.

  • Group Events: Join our group on local excursions and fun. Making it easy for even solo guests

  • Cultural Experiences: Immerse yourself in Grenada's rich culture and traditions.

  • Luxury Accommodation: Relax in comfort at our host resort with unlimited food and drinks.

  • Local Cuisine: Savor authentic Grenadian dishes and drinks.

  • Friendships: Make memories and friends that will last a lifetime.



Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey during our Spice Mas 2024 trip. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect

Day 1: Arrival

  • Welcome to Grenada!

  • Check-in at our host resort, Royalton Grenada

  • Welcome dinner and reception.

Day 2: Relax and Enjoy

  • Enjoy the resort or explore on your own

  • Explore Grenada's attractions and beaches.


Day 3: Group Excursion

  • Explore Grenada's Underwater Sculpture with a cruise


Day 4: Carnival Preparation

  • Explore on your own and prepare for Carnival Monday!

Day 5: Carnival Monday

    From dawn on Carnival Monday (J'Ouvert), traditional masqueraders dressed as devils called Jabs-Jabs (French Creole, from diable diable ‘devil devil’) parade through the streets of Grenada. They are joined by the Ole Mas who are individuals that present satire and theatre on the events of the past year during the morning.

    In the afternoon, the traditional and fancy Mas bands participate in the Monday parade. These traditional masqueraders feature the striking Short Knee bands. With identical head coverings, batwing sleeves and three-quarter (short knee) baggy trousers, they chant and box the air as they dance through the streets from their villages into the capital of St. George's.  They carry talcum powder as they make their way through the towns and villages. The powder is a symbol of appreciation and sprinkled on those who make cash donations. 

    Next come the modern costumed bands who cross the stage at the National Stadium before parading through the streets of St. George’s in the afternoon sun, gyrating to the beat of the year’s most popular calypsos.

    The costumed bands are often heralded by the arrival of the King and Queen of the band, the large costumes which vied for King and Queen of Carnival during the Sunday night Dimarche Gras.

Day 6: Departure

Reserve Your Spot Today!

Don't miss out on the carnival adventure of a lifetime. Secure your place for Spice Mas 2024 now and be part of the celebration like never before. Space is limited, and spots are filling up quickly. Act today to guarantee your place in this unforgettable experience!

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